El Arte de la Percusión Cubana / The Art of Cuban Percussion
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Curriculum of the author René Jesús Vergara Gómez, known as "Thomy"R_Vergara
Born on the 5th of May 1944 in Caibaríen, Villa Clara, Cuba, died on the 23rd of February 2004 in Havana, Cuba.
He started his musical studies at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory in Havana where he studied, among others: the trumpet, harmony, music theory and solfege.
In 1965 he started his studies in percussion with Professor Domingo F. Aragú Rodríguez.
In 1968 he received a scholarship from the National School of Art, from where he graduated as professor and instrumentalist in the year 1973.
He worked with: National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba,
National Symphony Orchestra of Algeria,
Opera and Ballet Orchestra of Cuba,
National Folklore Orchestra of Cuba, which he directed for two years
Orchestra of the Tropicana Cabaret of Havana. He founded the Percussion Faculty in Guantánamo.
He worked five years as a teacher and musician in the National Music Institute of Algeria.
He performed as musician and as orchestra director in England, Colombia, Rumania, former Yugoslavia, Algeria, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Germany and former Czechoslovakia.
He wrote dozens of musical pieces for concert and dance music. His last two creations were: "The Fantasy Domingo Aragú" for Symphonic Orchestra and this book.
Until his death he worked as a music professor at the Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de La Habana and as musician with the Orquesta del Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba.
Curriculum vitae of the Co-author und Publisher/editor Cyrill Schlaepfer
Born on 21st of October 1959 in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Since 1966 education in flute, then marching drums with Adolf Duss, Renatus Wendel. 1968 he starts with drumset studies with Jakob Wobmann and Fraschi Emmenegger.
Between 1970 and 1980 various studies in theory, ear-training, harmony and lessons in the following instruments: basle drums, drumset, timpani, xylophone, timbal (rumanian cymbal), dulcimer, bagpipes and others.
1983 Schlaepfer enrolls at Berklee College of Music, Boston: drumset with Joe Hunt, Ed Kaspik, John Ramsay und Skip Hadden; Music Production- and Engineering, courses in film scoring and electronic music.
Personal data sheet and detailed artistic career of Cyrill Schlaepfer at [CV Cyrill Schläpfer].
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