El Arte de la Percusión Cubana / The Art of Cuban Percussion
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The Art of Cuban Percussion
The most complete collection of easy-understanding didactic material for the profound study of the rhythms of Cuban and Afro-Cuban percussion including a hands-on demonstration by the author on DVD-Video. Appropriate for elementary level as well as advanced studies.
Bilingual Edition: Spanish / English
195 pages standard format, with many illustrations and DVD
Original idea: René Jesús Vergara Gómez
Co-author: Cyrill Schläpfer
Collaboration: Alejandro Mayor
Production: CSR Records Zurich
Printed in Switzerland
ISBN 9783-033-00441-2
ISMN 9790-000-00108-4
CSR Cat.-Nr. CSR 00441 (DVD-Nr. CSR 91861)
© 2011 Shrill Music Publishing Lucerne / Switzerland
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Editor's note:
The complex and deeply historic genre of music that the world has come to know as Cuban Music is the result of a process of fusion and integration of the musical cultures of Africa and Spain as well as of other regions such as Haiti, France, the USA and China. The musical heritage of Cuba includes repertoires, ensembles and a whole range of percussion instruments and their playing techniques.
The folkloric, popular and religious songs hold a great rhythmical and melodic richness that leaves the Cuban music very appreciated throughout the whole world.
I hope that this book will be helpful and a support in the studying, playing, teaching and understanding of Cuban rhythms on a elementary and broad level. It is considered especially useful for percussionists, but also for musicians playing other instruments as well as for composers, arrangers, bandleaders, music editors, musicologists, music ethnologists and music lovers in general as a reference book.
Never forget that above the rigidity of the notated music in this book there is always the African-Cuban principle of improvisation and musical variations.
Cyrill Schläpfer
Editor and co-author, Lucerne / Switzerland, December 2010
[Video introduction by the author René Vergara]
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